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Youth Sports Organizations

Legal Services to Youth Sports Organizations

Youth Sports Organizations have a common mission to provide high-quality recreational activities to foster life-lessons and empower young people to succeed, in sports and beyond.  With hundreds of not-for-profit youth sports organizations throughout New York, and the complex laws and legal challenges associated with sports in general, you and your organization need to feel assured that not only youth sports are played safely, but also when an inevitable injury occurs, you are prepared and know whom to turn to.

Carter Conboy delivers a leading youth sports organization practice in upstate New York.  Our sports lawyers have an exceptional depth of knowledge and experience with the youth sports industry, with a comprehensive practice that affords you a wide-range of legal services.  

New York Youth Sports Organization Attorneys

Our attorneys understand the legal challenges that can arise in youth sports and the best approaches, both proactively and defensively, to address those issues. 

Why do our attorneys stand out?  They are youth sports coaches, they have played youth sports from the beginner to highest levels, and they sit on youth sports boards.  Simply put, our attorneys know your organizations from all levels.  They possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of state laws and local regulations that relate specifically to athletics and sports programs.  We are here to help you plan for and protect your youth sports organization. 

Comprehensive Services to Youth Sports Organizations

At Carter Conboy, our preeminent team of attorneys offer a wide-range of services, including:

  • Administrative law, including laws governing age, special needs, and classifications, and criminal background checks
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commercial agreements
  • Controlled substances and alcohol testing
  • Construction and development
  • Corporate matters
  • Criminal law, including offenses and assaults against officials, coaches and children, as well as anti-hazing and bullying
  • Crisis and emergency response services
  • Disability and discrimination issues
  • Education and training
  • Financial transactions and financing
  • Insurance disputes, negotiations, coverage analysis, and indemnification
  • Labor and employment
  • Litigation claims
  • Operations and board matters
  • Outside General Counsel
  • Personal injury claims and litigation
  • Privacy and cyber security
  • Property and casualty claims and litigation
  • Risk management counseling in sports-specific contexts
  • Tort law, including federal and state volunteer laws related to coaches, volunteers, and licensed sports officials

Critical Incident Response Team and Emergency Services

Day or night, whenever and wherever a critical incident or accident occurs, Carter Conboy’s Critical Incident Response Team is available to support you with immediate assistance in critical and catastrophic situations. Our Response Team, which includes our experienced attorneys, together with a group of independent and trusted industry experts – investigators, experts, analysts, and adjusters – are on-call and promptly available when a critical incident or accident occurs.

Counseling, Education, and Risk Management Services

 At Carter Conboy, we counsel our clients on a variety of risk management issues, including best practices and strategies for handling unfolding events and mitigating potential lawsuits. Some of these concerns include heightened public scrutiny, demands for organizational transparency, and access to information and evidence by way of social media, such as the posting of photographs, videos, and audio recordings to social media.

Trial Attorneys of a Different Caliber

With decades of experience, our attorneys have gained a preeminent reputation for excellence as trial attorney. We recognize that liability claims threaten a great deal more than financial loss. Your organization’s hard-earned reputation and standing are at risk and sleepless nights can result. 

Our clients trust the talented team of attorneys at Carter Conboy, to protect through the complex, and often emotional process that accompanies liability claims.  We work closely with you from the time you are served to aggressively defend your interests throughout discovery and depositions, motion and appellate practice, and resolution whether by dismissal, mediation, settlement, or trial.

Beyond Youth Sports Organizations

At Carter Conboy, we are able to support you beyond your youth sports needs. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys, combined with our diversified practice spanning 20 industries and 40 service areas, have you covered. From preparing your will, to defending you in litigation, to protecting your business interests, the strength of our team is the answer to your many legal needs.