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Legal Services for Startups

You have a vision and we will build a pathway to help you achieve it. At Carter Conboy, we support entrepreneurs and emerging companies from the beginning, assisting you with sound planning and strategy – from organization and corporate structuring, to labor and employment issues, to regulatory planning and compliance. With our diversified practice spanning 20 industries and our extensive community connections, our team is a valuable resource to help support, grow, and strengthen your startup business. 

New York Startup Attorneys

At Carter Conboy, our attorneys make it their business to know your business – from the intricacies of your startup, to industry-specific standards and regulations, to the uniqueness of your product, to the demographics of your consumers.  We take an interdisciplinary approach to our work, coordinating the most experienced and capable team of attorneys to address your distinct business needs.  

Our Startup Clients

Carter Conboy clients are unique and equally important and regarded. We represent entrepreneurs and emerging companies with regional and statewide needs.  We develop long-term relationships with our clients because the legal issues you face today may change as your startup business evolves.

Comprehensive Startup Services

Our attorneys provide you with a seamless set of legal services to guide you to small business success – from the planning and launching stages, through business management, to growth and expansion.

Your business concept is in place, and you are ready to start your business.  During the initial startup phase, we counsel you through:

  • Financing and funding
  • Business structures, including DBA, corporation, and LLC
  • Naming your business, including trademark and business entity searches
  • Registration of business name
  • Obtaining your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and State Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Obtaining business licenses and permits
  • Annual ongoing business requirements

We then counsel you at every stage of your business, including:

  • Advertising and consumer rights issues
  • Business litigation matters
  • Commercial infrastructure projects
  • Corporate governance
  • Crisis management
  • Development, planning and zoning of real property
  • Environmental compliance and remediation
  • Food and beverage issues including licensing, product safety consulting, product recalls, and litigation
  • Franchise and retail agreements
  • Labor and employment issues including workplace matters, disputes, complaints, and litigation
  • Lease negotiations
  • Licensing agreements
  • Liquor liability
  • OSHA investigations and compliance
  • Premises liability litigation
  • Regulatory investigations and compliance
  • Risk management counseling and education
  • Safety and security failures
  • Start-up services
  • Supplier and vendor contracts
  • Technology and cyber counseling, planning and liability

Regulatory Planning, Risk Management, and Claims Avoidance

Our attorneys stay current with the complex and ever-changing local, state, and federal codes, rules, and regulations to provide sound and trustworthy advice, strategy, and representation to our startup clients. We develop and implement effective compliance plans for you so that you can manage your startup business legally and compliantly. Additionally, Carter Conboy provides our startup clients with the experience and knowledge necessary to efficiently traverse regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings. We negotiate with a wide range of compliance agencies and defend you against government investigations, should they occur.

Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA)

You are required to keep abreast of regulatory changes, comprehend the complex issues involved, and be in full compliance. It is a daunting task for anyone, especially a startup, and having a support team on your side is vital.  Fortunately, the attorneys at Carter Conboy are industry leaders, knowledgeable and informed on OSHA compliance regulations and obligations. We support you from the beginning by providing risk management counseling, safety training programs, and developing and implementing compliance procedures.  We stay with you if an OSHA inspector arrives to guide you during the critical hours and days of inspection and throughout the emergency response. We defend and protect you to the end, in all instances of citations, charges, and litigation.

The Complexities of Technology in Startups

You are building a product, a business, a brand, a reputation. At Carter Conboy, our attorneys are well versed in cybersecurity requirements for businesses. In the complex world of technology, we stand by you to prepare for, protect, and defend what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

Beyond Startups

At Carter Conboy, we are able to support you beyond your startup needs. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys, combined with our diversified practice spanning 20 industries and 40 service areas, have you covered. From preparing your will, to defending you in litigation, to protecting your business interests, the strength of our team is the answer to your many legal needs.