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Product Liability Law

Legal Services for Your Product Liability Needs

At Carter Conboy, we recognize that product liability claims threaten a great deal more than financial exposure related to an alleged injury or damage to property. Your hard-earned reputation, business operations, and position in the marketplace are at stake.  Clients trust our decades of experience to protect them from becoming a casualty in a product liability battle.  

Experienced Product Liability Attorneys

The experienced and accomplished product liability attorneys at Carter Conboy are dedicated professionals who work closely with our clients to provide legal and practical guidance to defend against claims of manufacture and distribution of dangerous or defective products.

Our litigators have successfully resolved hundreds of cases involving alleged defective equipment, products, and machinery.  We work closely with industry experts, scientists, and engineers throughout the country to gain a thorough understanding of the products and industries involved in each case, as well as to obtain their expert opinions as to the validity of, and to strategically defend, product liability claims.

Our Product Liability Clients

Our product liability attorneys have successfully defended manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and their insurers, in the full gamut of product liability litigation. We understand the intricacies of these complex cases, and have the know-how to help you avoid or minimize potential financial liabilities.  

Whatever type of product your case involves, Carter Conboy’s experienced litigators can provide local, national, and international clients with exceptional professional advice and representation.

Comprehensive Product Liability Services

Our product liability attorneys work with clients on wide range of issues, including the evaluation of claims, consultation with technical experts, mitigation of liability exposure, and litigation and defense of claims.  We are well versed in a wide range of product liability matters, and defend against claims related to design defect, manufacturing defect, failure to warn, and market share liability in cases involving:

  • Aircraft
  • Appliances and other household products
  • Automobiles
  • Children’s toys
  • Consumer goods
  • Food and beverages
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Motor vehicles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Sporting goods

Product Safety Consulting

Our representation goes beyond the defense of product liability claims. We pride ourselves on providing counsel that focuses on your entire business, reducing risk and liability by covering all of the bases. We get to know every detail of your supply chain – from ingredients and labeling, to the manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, and retailers of your products.  Our product safety consulting services include:

  • Assessment and evaluation of product safety
  • Civil and corrective matters before regulatory agencies, including FDA and CPSC
  • Compliance assessment related to regulatory and other government agencies
  • Representation before government agencies
  • Review and planning related to product testing, safety, and liability
  • Review, drafting and implementation of product safety policies and procedures
  • Strategic response to consumer inquiries or complaints regarding product safety

Product Recalls

Where there is a product, there can be a risk or complication that could lead to lawsuits and product recalls. Federal, state, and local regulatory agencies oversee product safety and the proper labeling of products, which results in heightened awareness of our clients.

Our practiced team of attorneys is experienced with product recalls and brand protection. We help you manage investigations and product recall requests from government and regulatory agencies and administer corrective plans of actions.

Class Action Defense Services

Class action lawsuits can have a few plaintiffs or thousands. A class action can have a devastating effect – from the impact on operations and financial stability to public relations scrutiny and negative brand consequences.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are willing to spend significant time, money, and resources on winning a class action case because they are paid based on the amount of the class’s overall financial recovery.  With that in mind, the attorneys at Carter Conboy work with our clients from the early stages to mitigate the plaintiffs’ chances of success and financial recovery. 

While we are always prepared to take a class action to trial, one of our preliminary defense strategies is defeating class certification.  Additionally, we maintain credible and professional relationships with plaintiffs’ counsel and work to resolve cases outside of the courtroom through arbitration, mediation, and settlement.

Product Liability Local Counsel Services in Upstate New York

While we work directly with many of our clients on product liability claims, Carter Conboy has also established local counsel relationships with lawyers, law firms, and insurance carriers doing business outside of New York, as well as national and international companies. Having dedicated local counsel at your side in a product liability case is invaluable. Carter Conboy provides local counsel services in a variety of ways, no matter the size or complexity. Our local counsel services include everything from per-diem representation at conferences, hearings, and depositions, to the drafting of legal documents such as pleadings, motions, briefs, and appeals, and appearance as local trial counsel in state and federal courts.

What Makes Carter Conboy Exceptional Local Counsel in Product Liability Cases?

  • Nearly a century of legal practice in New York
  • Long-standing and preeminent reputation for litigation and ethics
  • Deep bench of seasoned, experienced, disciplined, and dedicated attorneys
  • Breadth of services spanning litigation, transactional, criminal, and investigatory
  • Extensive experience in a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Familiarity and positive relationships with local lawyers and law firms
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal courts, judges, staff, and the local rules of procedure
  • Connections with jurisdiction-appropriate experts, investigators, and litigation support.
  • Understanding of the local jury pools, demographics, and verdict

Beyond Product Liability Law

At Carter Conboy, we are able to support you beyond your product liability law matters. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys, combined with our diversified practice spanning 20 industries and 40 service areas, have you covered. From preparing your will, to defending you in litigation, to protecting your business interests, the strength of our team is the answer to your many legal needs.