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Local Counsel

Local Counsel in Upstate New York

Carter Conboy has established local counsel relationships with lawyers and law firms outside of New York State and upstate New York. Our local counsel relationships help you provide the most advantageous services to your clients in a strategic and cost-conscious manner.

Having dedicated local counsel at your side is invaluable. Carter Conboy provides local counsel services in a variety of ways to meet your legal needs, no matter the size or complexity. Our local counsel services include everything from per-diem representation at conferences, hearings, depositions, drafting of legal documents such as pleadings, motions, briefs, and appeals, and appearance as local trial counsel in state and federal courts.

What Makes Carter Conboy Exceptional Local Counsel?

  • Nearly a century of legal practice in New York
  • Long-standing and preeminent reputation for litigation and ethics
  • Deep bench of seasoned, experienced, disciplined, and dedicated attorneys
  • Breadth of services spanning litigation, transactional, criminal, and investigatory
  • Extensive experience in a wide range of industries and sectors
  • Familiarity and positive relationships with local lawyers and law firms
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal courts, judges, staff, and the local rules of procedure
  • Connections with jurisdiction-appropriate experts, investigators, and litigation support.
  • Understanding of the local jury pools, demographics, and verdict trends

Albany and Beyond – the Geographic Reach of our Local Counsel Services

Located in Albany and Saratoga Springs, Carter Conboy is geographically centered and well-positioned to address your legal needs not only in upstate New York, but in all counties in New York State, including local, state, and federal courts.