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Banking and Financial Services Law

Legal Services for Your Banking & Financial Services Needs

Carter Conboy is trusted by a wide range of banking institutions, financial lenders, and industry service providers to provide representation in a variety of corporate, commercial, lending, real estate, and regulatory matters throughout New York State. When choosing a legal services attorney for your banking and finance matters, consider the combined the experience, talent, and resources delivered by Carter Conboy. 

Accomplished Banking & Finance Attorneys

At Carter Conboy, we offer a comprehensive team of attorneys who are skilled in transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters. As industry leaders, our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the nuances governing banking and financial services and the perpetually changing legal and regulatory environment.  

Simply put, we are as effective in representing you at a local board meeting as we are litigating your matter in United States Bankruptcy Court. 

Our Business & Financial Services Clients

We make it our business to know your business operations, objectives, and goals to advance and protect your business and reputation. Our team has decades of experience representing banking and finance clients, including:

  • Commercial banks and asset-based lenders
  • Trust companies
  • Savings banks and loan associations
  • Credit unions
  • Safe deposit companies
  • Foreign banking corporations
  • Private banks and finance companies
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Holding companies
  • Finance companies
  • Mortgage companies
  • Investment companies
  • Title insurance companies
  • Private equity investors
  • Securities brokers and dealers

Comprehensive Business & Financial Services

Our banking and financial service clients rely on Carter Conboy to provide a comprehensive array of legal services, including:

  • Bankruptcy and debt collection
  • Business law issues
  • Commercial lending
  • Corporate governance
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Critical Incident Response Team
  • Data and cyber security
  • Land use, zoning, and real property development
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Litigation related to default services and creditors’ rights issues, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, REO, title, and class actions
  • Litigation related to lender liability associated with federal and state laws, statutes, acts, codes, and trade practices
  • Real estate closings
  • Regulatory law, compliance, and investigations
  • Title insurance
  • White collar and internal investigations
  • Workouts, restructures and insolvency

Creditors’ Rights

When a borrower defaults on debt, you need the attorneys at Carter Conboy who have a Big Picture view of creditors’ rights. Our attorneys are recognized in the banking and finance industries for their reputable and trustworthy representation.

Carter Conboy attorneys have decades of experience with and adept interpretation of banking and finance laws and regulations. We have a firm grasp on standard business models, contracts, and agreements and recognize fundamental differences in each of our client’s organization and practices.  Importantly, with our resources to debtor finances and assets, we can plan the most effective strategy for the recovery of what is due to our client.  For further information on our Creditors’ Rights practice, please visit our Creditors’ Rights Law service page.

Regulatory Compliance

New York is one of the highest regulated markets in the United States. There are laws, codes, rules, and regulations for every industry imaginable including banking and financial services.  The regulatory agencies operate at multiple levels – federal, state, city, county, and regional – and are responsible for a myriad of issues from licensing to assessments to consumer advocacy.

Carter Conboy attorneys are at the forefront of regulatory issues affecting the banking and finance industries. When a government agency believes you have been non-compliant with a regulatory law, they will act aggressively and methodically. Carter Conboy provides our clients with the experience and knowledge necessary to traverse regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings.

We negotiate with regulatory agencies and defend against government investigation, including those brought by the New York State Department of Financial Services, the New York State Banking Department, the United States Department of Justice, and the New York State Office of the Attorney General. For further information on our regulatory practice, please visit our Regulatory Compliance, and Advertising and Consumer Rights Law service pages. 

Commercial Lending and Real Estate

The legal services provided by Carter Conboy to the banking industry span in scope, complexity, and geography. We are privileged to represent banks, credit unions, and lenders in our local community, throughout the upstate New York region, and as counsel to national institutions doing business in New York.  From loan transactions to acquisition and development, to commercial closings to workouts and foreclosure, our clients trust the combined experience, talent, and resources Carter Conboy delivers. 

An abridged list of our services:

  • Commercial lending
  • Commercial real estate closings
  • Land use, zoning, and real property development
  • Title insurance
  • Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Regulatory law, compliance, and investigations
  • Workouts, restructures, and insolvency
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure
  • Litigation
  • Corporate governance
  • Business law issues
  • Data and cyber security
  • White collar and internal investigations
  • Legislative advocacy


At Carter Conboy, we understand that lawsuits threaten more than our client’s business operations and finances. With word of mouth and the web of influential social media, the wrong or misconstrued message can wreak havoc and cause serious damage to our client’s hard-earned reputation. When managing banking and finance matters, our attorneys endeavor to minimize public scrutiny while equally weighing the legal scales of justice.

In collaboration with our clients, we consider alternative means to litigation including swift, cost-effective resolution between the parties. However, alternative solutions are not always possible. When litigation is necessary or simply the best path, Carter Conboy delivers a comprehensive team of attorneys to advance and protect your business and reputation.

Our attorneys offer decades of experience in counseling, advocating, and defending banking and financial institutions, officers, directors, and employees in a vast array of matters, including:

  • Creditors’ rights litigation, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, REO, title, and class actions
  • Lender liability including federal and state laws, statutes, acts, codes, and trade practices
  • Directors and officers liability including breach of fiduciary duty, breach of duty of loyalty, fraud, negligent financial management, and intentional torts
  • Labor and employment litigation related to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, wage/hour/overtime, and employee benefits
  • General liability including negligence, personal injury, premises liability, and property damage
  • Real property and construction liability related to acquisition, land use, zoning, development, and environmental issues

The American Legal and Financial Network (ALFN)

As a member of ALFN, Carter Conboy is on the forefront of groundbreaking strategic approaches, quality education, innovation, and change in the banking and finance industry, allowing us to provide our clients with unsurpassed legal representation. The American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) is the largest national network of law firms and service providers dedicated to mortgage banking and financial services law and litigation. Read more about the value-added benefits our ALFN membership provides our clients.

Beyond Banking & Financial Services

At Carter Conboy, we are able to support you beyond your banking and financial services needs. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys, combined with our diversified practice spanning 20 industries and 40 service areas, have you covered. From preparing your will, to defending you in litigation, to protecting your business interests, the strength of our team is the answer to your many legal needs.