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Carter Conboy Forms Capital District ADR, LLC


Carter Conboy is pleased to announce the formation of Capital District ADR, LLC, which commenced operations recently at 20 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany, New York.

Capital District ADR, LLC offers professional mediation and arbitration services of litigated and non-litigated matters in a multitude of specialty areas, including health care, personal injury, divorce and family law, securities fraud, appeals, business and property law, and consumer and commercial banking and finance.   

Alternative Dispute Resolution services, including mediation and arbitration, are being provided by several professionals through Capital District ADR, LLC, including the Honorable David R. Homer, retired United States Magistrate Judge from the Northern District of New York.  During his tenure as a United States Magistrate, Judge Homer resolved over 1,000 cases in a variety of practice areas through mediation and arbitration and earned a reputation as a fair, impartial, and hard-working neutral.  His cases included class actions involving claims of anti-trust violations, employment discrimination and civil rights violations, contract disputes, securities fraud claims, construction disputes, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice claims, property disputes, environmental claims, tax matters, labor disputes, and numerous other tort claims.  

“Alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation, arbitration and neutral case evaluation, are playing a more prominent role in civil litigation today than at any time in the past”, said Michael J. Catalfimo, the Chief Operating Officer of Capital District ADR, LLC.  “We believe the demand for these services will continue to grow over the next five to ten years and we look forward to serving that demand at Capital District ADR, LLC."

“Additionally”, states Catalfimo, “Judge Homer is a highly respected and accomplished jurist.  His intellect and integrity are well recognized throughout the legal community.  His depth of experience and skill will strengthen the ability of Capital District ADR, LLC to service its clients.” 

About Capital District ADR, LLC:  Founded in 2012, Capital District ADR, LLC operates in Albany, New York, providing alternative dispute resolution services to its clients throughout New York State, including the Capital District and throughout Tech Valley.  For further information, please visit or contact the Firm Administrator, Stacy A. Smith, at 518.649.1999 or