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White Collar

White Collar and Criminal Defense Attorneys

White Collar crime typically refers to nonviolent crime perpetrated by professionals, businesses, and corporations for financial gain. If you are under or suspect you are under, investigation, have been charged with a crime, or are witness to a crime, your emotions are high. You are fearful, confused, frustrated, angry. It is important that you choose the right attorney from the start as the government moves quickly and has vast resources.  

Others will tout their experience, but having served in various levels of State and Federal government, the attorneys at Carter Conboy possess experience and institutional knowledge you need on your side.  We know the inner works of the institutions who are accusing you – whether it is the FBI, SEC, NYS Attorney General’s office, U.S. Department of Justice, or an investigative committee. With this knowledge, our counsel is stronger and our strategies wiser.

Defending Your Rights and Reputation

When it comes to your rights and reputation, we are vigilant and aggressive. Investigations and charges may impact more than you realize. At work, the repercussions can directly affect your reputation and your finances. At home, the personal toll can feel hard to overcome. For criminal, civil, administrative, and disciplinary matters, our white collar attorneys stand with you to protect and defend.

The mission of our white collar team is simple: advocate for you from the early stages of an investigation with the goal of avoiding charges.  When charges are inevitable, provide you with a formidable defense through grand jury, charges, and, if necessary, trial.  We will protect your reputation, livelihood, finances, and, when circumstances require, your liberty.

Industry Expertise in a Regulated World

At Carter Conboy, our preeminent and comprehensive White Collar team is unmatched. We present skill and proven results from all sides of the courtroom—from our accomplished defense attorneys, to our former prosecutors, to our retired trial judges—delivering the knowledge and perspective to protect and defend you.

We have particular strengths in some of the most regulated areas of industry, including securities, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing to name a few.