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Technology and Cyber

Legal Counsel to the Technology and Cyber Industry

Advances in technology have positively impacted business and government. To remain competitive and productive, both private and public institutions have had to adopt technology.  Benefits and advancements, however, go hand in hand with risks and challenges. 

Cybersecurity is no longer an issue that affects only “big” business.  Everyone is vulnerable, no matter your size or industry.  In fact, regular press coverage reminds each of us of the costs associated with advancing technology and cyber threats.

We stand with our clients in many sectors, including financial, retail, hospitality, construction, health care and pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, transportation, and local, state, and federal governments. We thoughtfully address the full spectrum of technology and cyber issues, employing our lawyers, forensic technology experts, and law enforcement.

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Reputation

You have built a product, a business, a brand, a reputation.  In the complex world of technology, we stand by you to protect and defend what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

Legal Strategies for Today and Tomorrow

Our goal is to deliver an unsurpassed Team to counsel and protect you with thoughtful and comprehensive legal services related to your current technology and cyber risks and challenges. A brief overview of our services include education and training, contract drafting and review, cyber litigation, data breach preparedness and response, regulatory investigations and compliance, and development of technology and cyber policies, procedures, and protocols.

A Complex Regulatory Environment

Our attorneys are versed in cybersecurity requirements. We help you traverse the complicated regulatory environment, particularly the New York State Department of Financial Services Rule, 23 NYCRR Part 500 affecting financial services companies including banks, insurance companies, financial services firms, and third-party service providers to those companies.

Representing the Insurance Industry

Carter Conboy works with insurance companies and brokers to counsel your insureds on potential risks, including risk assessment audits, policies, and procedures to mitigate their risks. We provide insurance analysis concerning all facets of cybersecurity policies.  Our Team also delivers educational seminars to members of the insurance community regarding best practices for their insureds.