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Food, Beverage and CPGs

Legal Counsel to the Food and Beverage Industry

Carter Conboy is located in the hub of New York State’s rapidly expanding food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods industry. With robust agriculture systems, a healthy economy for craft brewers and distillers, and a population that is demanding American and locally-made products, our attorneys have helped clients build their businesses, grow their brands, and increase profits with experienced representation.

The legal issues facing your industry are as unique as your products. We understand the challenges posed by government regulations related to creating, marketing and distributing your products in compliance with local, state and federal laws and across state lines. We also understand your opportunities and stand with you to help you achieve your goals and advance your objectives.

The attorneys at Carter Conboy represent food and beverage manufacturers, including wine, craft beer, and spirit producers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers, as well as restaurants and food outlets. 

Regulatory, Advertising, and Consumer Rights Compliance

You have built a product, a business, a brand, a reputation. In a complex world of quickly changing laws that regulate everything from advertising to distribution to consumer protection, we stand by you to protect and defend what you have worked so hard to achieve.  Our attorneys help you traverse and comply with complicated regulations, investigations, and enforcement proceedings. 

Legal Strategies that Grow With You

You are in one of today’s most competitive business sectors and your legal counsel needs to keep up.  With a national reputation for premier litigation and a diverse practice that excels in dozens of legal services, Carter Conboy can protect you on all sides and ensure your brand stays safe as you expand.

One of the areas our food and beverage team is focused on is helping companies understand the risks of multi-state growth. Advertising rules are complex and class action lawyers are relentless. If your products are described as organic, natural, small batch, made in the USA, handmade, or GMO free – we are abreast of what is happening across the country so you can be protected in multi-jurisdictional matters.

Product Safety Consulting

Our food and beverage representation goes beyond what is on the shelves. We pride ourselves on providing counsel that focuses on your entire business, reducing risk and liability by covering all of the bases. Our product safety consulting services are wide-ranging, from assessment and evaluation of product safety, to representation before government agencies, to strategic response to consumer inquiries or complaints regarding product safety.

Product Recalls

In the Food and Beverage marketplace, significant risk can occur relating to items such as E.coli, listeria, salmonella, allergens, product labeling, and foreign objects. These threats can result in lawsuits and product recall. Our practiced team of attorneys are experienced with product recalls and brand protection and help you with issues from investigations, to product recall requests, to the administration of corrective plans of actions.