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Real Estate


Legal Counsel to the Real Estate Industry Trends in the real estate industry are constantly changing and evolving. Cities are no longer a simple combination of buildings constructed upward and outward. Real estate is being planned and developed in innovative and progressive ways. Developers are embracing advancements in construction technology ... [READ MORE]

Legal Counsel to the Technology and Cyber Industry Advances in technology have positively impacted business and government. To remain competitive and productive, both private and public institutions have had to adopt technology.  Benefits and advancements, however, go hand in hand with risks and challenges.  Cybersecurity is no longer an issue ... [READ MORE]

Legal Counsel to the Transportation Industry The American economy would come to a halt without the transportation industry. It plays an essential role in everything – from the moving of people and goods, to the employment of millions of workers, to the enrichment of other industries through the consumption of ... [READ MORE]

Legal Counsel to the Small Business Industry There are more than two million small businesses in New York State – located in every region and community – making New York a great place to operate a small business. As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Not only are ... [READ MORE]

White Collar and Criminal Defense Attorneys White Collar crime typically refers to nonviolent crime perpetrated by professionals, businesses, and corporations for financial gain. If you are under or suspect you are under, investigation, have been charged with a crime, or are witness to a crime, your emotions are high. You ... [READ MORE]

Legal Counsel for Educational Institutions The legal issues facing public and private educational institutions, administrators, educators, staff, and students have evolved and increased in complexity. Carter Conboy is here to support our clients in education with day-to-day decisions that influence operations and finances, from strategic planning, to changing threats in ... [READ MORE]