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Women’s Impact Network

Women in Law at Carter Conboy

Carter Conboy women are talented, driven, dedicated, and critical to our success. We foster a culture of opportunity and advancement by providing a platform for success at all levels – from mentoring to education and training to business and marketing development. The advancement of women in law is part of Carter Conboy’s long-standing core principles. Women hold leadership positions, head key committees, and contribute to our management and business operations. Our culture is supportive, positive, and inclusive. 

We are proud and fortunate to have worked with ground-breaking and distinguished women alumni. They have been mentors and role models to many women attorneys, both in our firm and throughout the legal community.  

Women’s Impact Network

The Carter Conboy Women’s Impact Network (CCWIN) is devoted to the success of our women attorneys within the firm and in the industry. Through various initiatives, we exchange ideas, foster and expand business contacts and opportunities, and enhance attorney development to fully realize the talent, knowledge, and potential of our women attorneys. 

Core Goals & Objectives

The core goals and objectives of CCWIN is to support, enhance and increase:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Education initiatives
  • Fellowship
  • Female empowerment
  • Gender equality
  • Marketing and business development opportunities
  • Mentoring


To be a member of CCWIN, you must be employed as an attorney at Carter Conboy – man or woman.  The goal of CCWIN is not to establish an affinity group, create a silo of women-only initiatives and events, or to exclude men. CCWIN believes that women and men working together to enhance professional opportunities both in and outside of the firm for women lawyers, is the best formula for our network.   

Meetings & Events

Members of CCWIN will meet as a group 2-4 times per year at planned events.  Events may include educational in-house seminars, events planned outside of Carter Conboy to promote marketing, business development, mentorship and fellowship, and events planned by other organizations that support our network’s goals and objectives.  CCWIN will also promote 1:1 mentoring within the firm in addition to group meetings and events. 

Measures of Success

The CCWIN Steering Committee will measure the success of the network through:

  • A focus on the unique challenges of women attorneys in the legal marketplace.
  • Building and strengthening meaningful personal and business relationships.
  • Expanding business contacts and opportunities between our attorneys.
  • Initiatives for marketing and business development education and training.
  • A system of shared best practices related to the practice and management of law.
  • Promotion of collegiality and fellowship amongst our attorneys.
  • Mentorship advancement between Directors and Associates.
  • An environment that provides and promotes leadership development of women attorneys.
  • The advancement of recruitment and retention of women attorneys.