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Pro Bono

At Carter Conboy, pro bono work is encouraged, supported, and required. As lawyers, we are privileged to be members of an honorable profession. With that privilege comes a professional and social responsibility to ensure that our legal system is accessible to the most vulnerable among us. It is our obligation to protect, advocate, and positively impact individuals, groups, and organizations in our community that cannot otherwise afford legal representation.

We are proud to contribute our time, energy, and resources to help those in need. Our pro bono services originate in a variety of ways – from our established relationships within the community to appointments from the Court to our recognizing a need and reaching out to provide support.

We strive to offer our pro bono services to those who need our help the most. We assist with a broad range of legal support, including civil and criminal issues, non-litigated advocacy, and homeless and veterans matters.

Carter Conboy is a proud supporter of the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York (LASNNY), and its Justice for All Annual Campaign. The campaign is crucial to LASNNY and their ability to provide essential legal assistance to low-income individuals and families with urgent non-criminal legal matters. Attorney Edward D. Laird, Jr. is a member of the LASNNY’s Board to Fund Equal Justice. For further information on the LASNNY, please visit

Over the years, many Carter Conboy attorneys have been honored for their pro bono legal work. We could recognize them here by listing their names and the honors they received, but it is not our (or their) goal to receive credit or acknowledgment or thanks. Rather, it is to humbly make a difference to those less fortunate in need of fair and equal access to our legal system.

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”
Abraham Lincoln