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The American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) is the largest national network of law firms and service providers dedicated to mortgage banking and financial services law and litigation.  The ALFN provides strategic and timely education to its members and their clients, an issue of utmost importance in an industry that is constantly growing and changing.

Carter Conboy is privileged to live and work in communities with thriving financial centers. As a member of the ALFN, Carter Conboy is on the forefront of leading and groundbreaking strategic information, qualify education, innovation, and change in the banking and finance industry, allowing us to provide our clients with unsurpassed legal representation.

What added-value and benefit does our ALFN membership provide to our clients?    


Carter Conboy has access to deep and broad bench with personal relationships throughout the United States. If our client needs to do business outside of our jurisdiction, we have the network of ALFN members to meet their needs.   


Our clients can feel confident that they will get the highest quality representation from Carter Conboy.  Our Firm was selected as an ALFN member firm after a rigorous screening process which accepts only those law firms who are recognized as leaders in the mortgage and financial services fields.


Carter Conboy can draw upon the collective wisdom and expertise of the expansive ALFN network to deliver highly effective legal solutions to our clients. The ALFN network includes mortgage service professionals; legal support service professionals; risk evaluation, investment research, and consulting professionals; land and title professionals; technology professionals; and, asset protection professionals.


ALFN members forge strong bonds and pool resources to provide committed, comprehensive services to their clients in a vast range of banking specialties. By selecting Carter Conboy, clients have a deep and comprehensive pool of knowledge and resources at their disposal.  


ALFN and its member are industry educators. Throughout the year, the ALFN presents a wide variety of best-in-class educational programs and materials, including multi-day seminars, one-day programs, and webinars on topics that are important to our client’s industry and trade.  This educational commitment is another example of how we facilitate the pooling of knowledge and resources among ALFN members to benefit our clients and the banking and financial services industry.    


Carter Conboy understands that today’s clients are under increased pressure to contain legal fees. We strive to alleviate that burden by providing cost-effective legal services. We manage our matters conservatively, being cost-conscious of our client’s business. We use ALFN resources, including its pooling of education, knowledge, and resources, as just one way to contain legal costs.

Geographic Reach

Carter Conboy has access to a vast network of exceptional ALFN members.  If our client has a banking or financial services need, our national ALFN network can be trusted to assist.

To learn more about the American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) and the value-added services we provide to our clients through our membership, please visit