Vehicle and Traffic Law


Engaging the services of Carter Conboy for Vehicle and Traffic Law matters can save you time, money, reduce points on your license, and protect your insurance coverage.

We represent clients in all aspects of Vehicle and Traffic Law matters, including misdemeanors, felonies, appellate issues, and other criminal allegations.

The attorneys at Carter Conboy have knowledge of local and state laws and are familiar with law enforcement and the town and district attorneys who handle Vehicle and Traffic Law cases. We have appeared on behalf of our clients in City, Town, and Village courts.We are committed to resolving cases as smoothly as possible for our clients, easing the burdens normally associated with Vehicle and Traffic matters. Our knowledge and working relationships are critical to resolving your case and securing the best possible result for our clients.

The Vehicle and Traffic Law Practice Group counsels and represents clients on all aspects of Vehicle and Traffic Law:

  • All traffic matters, suspensions and revocations
  • Blood alcohol test suppression
  • Commercial licenses and related matters
  • Criminal hearings, motion practice, trial and appellate work
  • Default convictions
  • DWI felonies, misdemeanors and appeals
  • DMV hearings and fatality hearings
  • Illegal traffic stops
  • Illegal search and seizure