Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR is an increasingly popular option that allows individuals and businesses to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.  The decision to mediate or arbitrate is a strategic one, particularly in cases involving highly technical issues or industry-specific standards. Increasing costs associated with civil litigation, in both time and expense, combined with the uncertainty of jury verdicts, have led parties to seek alternative means to resolve their disputes.

In selecting a Carter Conboy attorney to serve as a neutral on your case, you are selecting an experienced practitioner who understands the nuances of civil litigation in a multitude of specialties as well as the ever increasing value to alternate forms of dispute resolution

Whether it’s a binding arbitration or a non-binding mediation, Carter Conboy’s attorneys possess industry-specific experience, strong relationships with consultants and experts in nearly every type of service – from financial transactions to personal injury to health care – and possess exceptional draftsmanship and oratory skills, all which position our attorneys to be adept at serving as a neutral by parties who have chosen Alternative Dispute Resolution.